Alice and I first met during our training for the Permaculture Design Certification, I was curious to know why a photojournalist was interested in Permaculture and then discovered we had so many things in common, like our passion to make positive changes in the world and protect nature. We have been friend’s since then and we love sharing our adventures to each other, although I have to admit Alice is way more adventurer than myself and she is a true free spirit.

Below is an inspiring letter that Alice wrote to her higher-self, about loving, appreciating and being thankful to our own-selves. It may bring its readers some inner peace and a mindful approach to the person we judge the hardest; ourselves.


To my Higher Self: A letter & a promise

 Dear Higher Self,

We have been together for almost 29 years.

Through so many ups and downs you have never left my side. You have been there for me through my whole life.

You played, you laughed, you cried with me. You stayed with me even when I had nothing to show you but distrust, guilt and shame.

There were times when I bullied and abused you and your beautiful temple—our body. You never judged me, but showed me love and understanding while sending me signs that led me back onto my path.

You took me to the most exotic places on earth, helped me to create touching art, assisted me in confronting my fears and always gave your best. We are a wonderful team. You are my best friend, my lover, my traveling companion, healer and supporter.

So today, I do not only want to tell you how grateful I am to have you by my side, but vow to treat you like the goddess of all goddesses and keep your temple clean.

You are my inner guide, my witch, my creator, my queen, my self.

I promise to move even more in the direction of self-love by asking more questions and listening carefully to the answers that you speak in silence through the language of image, emotion and intuition.

I vow to connect with you on a daily basis by taking the time to mindfully examine my body and my feelings. I promise to become softer in my actions and release the pressure of control that is caused by thinking-patterns of the past. But most of all, I assure you of my awareness and growth, as this is the path we are meant to walk together.

And if you want me to be present with old, unhealed, emotional wounds, I will gladly go to the pain and uncomfortable feelings as I know you will be there to guide and support me.

Having been stuck in resistance in the past, I haven’t always appreciated you. So I will take the chance to do it even more today. I want to continue to cherish your greatness every day of my life and focus my attention on all the wonders you do for me every second. I will follow my joy which will ultimately allow us to merge together in the same place of consciousness and pure love.

You taught me that we came into this life together to experience, feel and create. I commit to this beautiful adventure together—my higher self—on the road to self-discovery.

Always yours,


5344_10151548554185325_528045194_nAlice is an award-winning photojournalist, a talented artist and filmmaker who is passionate about shadow work and alternative healing therapies. Alice’s main motivation has been to bring change using her camera as a tool. She uses her camera not only to share her experiences as witness to injustice but also to express the love that lies within herself while guiding others to find their own inner light.

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Article’s photography by Alice Smeets, Haiti
Posted on Elephant Journal

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  1. Something in this personal writing resonates with me and I haven’t quite worked out my response. Beautiful and fragile, strong and wilful…I love it!

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