Mirabelle’s Forest Garden by Ina Curic


Ina Curic

‘Mirabelle’s Forest Garden’ is a tale of a far-from-ordinary girl that loves plants, the outdoors and adventure. Mirabelle has set herself on a mission to create an ideal forest garden, however the journey to create such a wonderful space will be filled with skepticism and square thinking from her family and friends.

This book is a reflection of the world and on how skepticism towards positive change can be addressed with kindness. Mirabelle is an example of determination, heart-fuelled inspiration and creativity for children of all ages, especially for girls.

Mirabelle’s Forest Garden is a story that goes beyond trees and plants, it is also about community building, social diversity and caring about others.

Mirabelle Forest Garden recently won the Nautilus 2017 Silver Award Winner

About the author

Ina Curic is sociologist with a decade of experience in peace and conflict research, gender issues, NGO and civil society management. Ina also has a background in education and training in topics such as organizational development, gender issues, peace, conflict and project management. She has provided training programmes at international level as well as capacity building, gender and peace project in post war areas from Romania, bosnia & Hertzegovina, Croatia, Turkey, Iraq among others.

Ina is currently focused on developing educational tools for children in topics related to sustainability and peace education.

To know more about Ina Curic’s inspirational publications for children: http://imaginecreatively.com
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