Botanic Kitchen

In this section you will find plant­-based recipes that are nutritious and easy to prepare. We focus on using local, organic and seasonal produce, and avoid tins and any other processed products harmful to our health and the environment.

Our recipes are mainly based on Irish produce, but in some cases we will suggest alternative ingredients applicable for other regions of the world.

Recipes are marked with (V) for vegan or (RV) for raw vegan to make it easier to find a recipe based on your own preferences.

But remember, the most important part of cooking is to enjoy the entire process, from buying or growing your fruit and veg to preparing a meal and sharing it with your loved ones. Enjoyment is always the basic ingredient so try not to skip this part!

The list of ingredients and instructions are interactive so you can swipe each ingredient as you add them to the recipe.

This section will be updated regularly so keep connected to see more recipes soon.