About Us

The Green Diary tells a story of healing the body, the mind and our planet.

It is a holistic website to share a message of interconnectedness between our health, the environment and society, and highlight our passion about living an eco-holistic and sustainable lifestyle. Every article and inspirational story is an example of how even small actions can make a huge difference in this world, and we hope that this will inspire people to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Throughout the website, you will find our plant-based recipes, stories about our journey toward self-reliance, news and articles on environmental and societal issues, and interviews with people who inspire us every day.

Follow us on a journey on low-impact living, from environmental issues and solutions, permaculture, zero-waste, veganism, minimalism and slow consumption to working for a more empathetic, just and mindful society. We use our free time to grow our own food and share with you our adventures through The Green Diary platforms.

The Green Diary is supported by an amazing team and you can find more about them here. You can find out a little more about us below, and we hope you enjoy reading our diary.


I am originally from Mexico and currently live in Ireland. My professional background is in Political Science, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights.

For the past seven years, I have studied in different countries and worked for International Organisations and in the public sector. I am currently a PhD researcher in Peace Studies and Environmental Issues.

I also have a PDC in Permaculture Design and with my husband’s help, I created a lovely vegetable garden in the Irish countryside. In my free time I participate in courses about nutrition, cooking, and herbal and naturopathic medicine.


I am a multimedia journalist and researcher on environmental issues. I am also passionate about photography, and take photos for the website along with the very talented Alex.

Much like Jenn, I spent almost ten years studying and working abroad. It was away from Ireland that I really learned to appreciate the beauty of the countryside where I grew up that I didn’t really care about when I was younger.

Seven years ago, my parent’s started a vegetable patch in their back garden and I loved helping out whenever I returned to Ireland. It really peaked my interest in growing my own food, and living more sustainably.

Luckily enough I met Jenn along the way, and started our journey to living an all-round more sustainable life together.